Paolo Rovelli

Leadership development, Executive and Team coaching

Leadership development, Executive and Team coaching
Trainer of the VUCA’s Surf Bootcamp


  • Leadership development
  • Team Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Design Sprint
  • PMO


  • Leadership Development


With 20 years of experience collaborating in consultancy firms, insurance companies and universities, Paolo works with a focus on people and improvement. He led the development of an insurance procurement system that created €40M in savings in the first year alone. During his tenure at AIG, his direct marketing team won 1st place within the European offices, 2 years in a row. As an agile coach within operational excellence, he consistently achieved an 18% to 25% increase in productivity by refocusing the manager and teams on new ways of working and added value activities.

An enthusiastic initiator and ideas activator, with 15 years in 3 Fortune 200 companies, Paolo partners with leaders and teams to generate a climate of new possibilities through boosting confidence, motivation and collaboration.

Through his cultural transformation experience and having understood that the real shift occurs mostly at a personal level, Paolo decided to become an entrepreneur in leadership development. This prompted him to co-found Nileus Leadership in 2024, with the purpose of protecting the legacy by focusing on the growth that matters, creating the leaders that will scale our client’s business. We do this by revealing behaviors with experiential learning and learn from failure.

Paolo aims to partner with corporate to fully express his leadership and people development offering, which include business agility and strategy, project management planning and execution, agile framework, design sprint, learning and development competencies at all levels, executive coaching, team coaching, cultural transformation and training in leadership and team assessment models.


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